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Stan Long, CEO of Circle 7 Entertainment and Host of Spotlight Over The City, started the show in 2012 in Atlanta. Prior to the show, Stan wrote and published a book: Transformation of a Gangster, which tells a candid story of his life and how he transformed from the dangerous streets of Washington, DC into a God-fearing loving man, who is now a father, husband, proclaimed author, motivational speaker, real estate investor and a talk show host! Terri Long joined the team in 2018. Stan and Terri have become social media icons for their public displays of how to love, fun, blended family craziness and lots more! This husband & wife team share their crazy lives with the Spotlight audience, and it is becoming a “Spotlight Movement!” We can often be found out in the communities or covering the hottest events, representing our “Spotlight Street Team”!!!!

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